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bored. about me.
07/09/2007 - 9:21 pm

my current mood: bored/calm

personal information:

name: hurricane jay
age: 23
location: evansville, indiana
weight: 171 lbs
height: 5' 11''


name(s): rachel and hayley
word(s): tropical and atlantis
tv show(s): stargate atlantis
song: don't speak by no doubt
magazine: stargate magazine

what is the first thing you think of when you hear the following words:

president: white house
america: red, white, and blue
japan: nintendo
nintendo: mario
independence day: aliens
war of the worlds: ufos
rachel: love that name
hayley: another name that I love
tropical: me

verse of the week: Acts 3:25

1 days since my latest church event

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my name is Jay. but my friends call me J5 (it is off a Jump 5 CD), Hurricane (Because I love the weather and I can sound like the warning siren), and Jayman (nickname invented by college friends). I like calling myself British Jay (because I was in London and I loved it there). I'm a 23 year old male living in the united states. love status: single and looking. read more

loves: anything tropical, tropical music, Jesus, meteorology/the weather, stargate, Hawaii, Florida, ZOEgirl, big cities, positive attention, my tropical status, peace, my miniature city, cd acquisition, pop music, kim wilde, romance, europe, london, egyptian legos, my nintendo ds, summer, my diamond ring, the words tropical and atlantis, the movies the time machine, independence day, contact, back to the future, and beethoven. I also love the names rachel and hayley.

hates: pepper, bullies, teletubbies, country-western music, pillbugs, ants, class insecta, mosquitoes, the movies mars attacks and ant bully, curse words, the word fool, and war.

links: globe listings,Jump5

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